Roof Replacement

Your roof is a very important aspect of your home that should be treated as such. However over the years, it may become worn or damaged and in need of a replacement. There are many causes for roof damage which can include severe weather, walking on the roof, animals, and more. If you find that your roof is in need of replacement call in the experts at Clyde Hance Construction. We bring over 30 years of experience to our trade, and we improve our services with every year that we work.

If you have found that your roof is simply not doing it’s job anymore, you should consider roof replacement. Here are some indicators to look for if you think that your roof has been compromised:

  • Shingle edges are curled or tabs are cupped
  • Bald spots where granules are missing
  • Cracked shingles
  • Roof is at least 20 years old-not properly ventilated
  • Neighbors are getting new roofs
  • Roof looks old and worn
  • Moss

It is important to get your roof repaired or replaced as soon as you notice a problem. Below are some repercussions that you may face if you choose to wait to fix your roof:

  • Short-term effects
    • Leaks
    • Increased energy bills
    • Mold
    • Animals and pests
  • Long-term effects
    • Severe water damage
    • Decreased worker safety
    • Decreased property value
    • Increased repair costs  

So if you’re in need of a roof replacement, don’t wait. Call the professionals at Clyde Hance Construction today at (919) 632-1097. We look forward to hearing from you!